Sold out crowds and strong acting for World Premiere of Beautiful Garden

Cleveland Ohio - April 5, 2017 

Audiences on the eighth night of the 41st annual Cleveland International Film Festival were taken on an emotional and thrilling roller coaster ride during the world premiere of Burning River Productions’ latest film, the much anticipated, Beautiful Garden. 

Multiple sold out theaters and long standby lines only added to the allure of a film being praised for strong acting performances and its raw approach to tackling some of today's most newsworthy issues such as homelessness and the serious threat of opioid drug use. 

Set amidst a seemingly tranquil and inviting lakefront home for wayward souls, the personalities, dreams, aspirations, and true nature of the characters are revealed as the tension continues to build and the stakes are raised ever higher. While the beginning presents an almost too-good-to-be-true situation, the decisions the characters make take us down an unexpected and tortuous path. The ensemble cast made up of veteran film stars, seasoned stage performers, and quality fresh-faced newcomers, deliver emotionally charged performances for first-time writer-director Christopher Peplin. 

Beautiful Garden is the sophomore effort from the same production team, Charles Moore and J. Scott Scheel, that was behind the award-winning psychological thriller Madtown, written and directed by Moore and starring Milo Ventimiglia of NBC’s smash hit This is Us. While both films cover dark subject matter and address the idea of family in different but meaningful ways, Beautiful Garden is certain to challenge emotions and values as few films have been able to in recent years. 

Beautiful Garden is screening its encore performance at the Cleveland International Film Festival this Saturday, April 7th at 12:05pm, however general ticket sales have sold out, standby seats may be available.